This Lady Gaga Impression Taking The Piss Out Of Her ‘A Star Is Born’ Press Tour Is Amazing

Lady Gaga has literally said the same one line about 20 times on the press tour for A Star Is Born so it's time to take the piss!

lady gaga impersonation header

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Do you know the old saying? The one that goes “there could be 100 people in a room and if 99 of them don’t believe in you, all you really need is one.” Lady Gaga sure fucking knows it, as she’s only said it about 70 times on the press tour of her latest film A Star Is Born.

She’s said the line so, so, so many times whilst doing around the press circuit for the feelgood hit movie of the year (fight me) co-starring Bradley Cooper (he’s the one person you guys!), so it’s time to take the absolute piss out of it.

As far as groundbreaking slices of wisdom go, it’s fine I guess, but if you stan Gaga in any fashion you may be sick to bastard death of hearing her many varied permutations of the phrase at EVERY. SINGLE. PRESS JUNKET.

If you think I’m exaggerating, sucked in I’m not! Someone’s gone and whacked together well over a dozen separate iterations of the Gagaism in one neat little YouTube package. You don’t need to click play just know that I’m incredibly right about this whole thing, thanks.

Whilst Twitter and the soon-to-be-nipple-free Tumblr have had some fun with Gaga’s motif lately, it’s finally gone viral in a big way thanks to actress and comedian Julia Finkelstein.

Finkelstein is no stranger to getting solid LOLs from the internet, recently getting coverage for her on-point Ariana Grande impersonation. She obviously knows her way around the cadence, accent and tone of 2018 divas, as she’s followed that one up with this hilarious Lady Gaga piss-take.

Honestly, it’s just VERY funny watching Finkelstein, in perfect Gaga pose, slowly descend into madness as she attempts to get out her favourite new line over and over again. Finkelstein, we stan!

Can we just go ahead and consider her a diva herself now? Yes, we can.