Watch In Horror As This Fan Accidentally Bodyslams Lady Gaga Off The Stage

They were okay, thankfully, but the video sure makes it look like they wouldn't be.

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Even as far as most pop stars go, Lady Gaga has singularly dedicated fans.

The so-called Little Monsters have supported the singer for nigh on a decade now, urging others on the internet to stream her records, and bombarding her with love wherever she goes.

Their adoration is so all-consuming in fact, that sometimes it borders on outright hysteria. Watch, for instance, this clip of a fan screaming at such a pitch and volume in the middle of a Lady Gaga concert that it sounds like they have briefly morphed into the Super Mario character Toad.

Yes: sometimes obsession can cross the boundary from endearing to a little bit scary. Just as it did, in fact, at a recent Lady Gaga concert that culminated in a stan accidentally bodyslamming the performer off the side of the goddamn stage.

Here’s the deal. Gaga is in the middle of a Las Vegas residency at the moment, delighting hordes of Little Monsters coming to see her belt out a series of classics and fresh hits. Earlier this week, Gaga invited one of those stans up onstage. Visibly overjoyed by the excitement of the fan, Gaga jumped up on them, wrapping her legs around their side, doing a few ungainly hops, and then sending both of them tumbling off the side of the stage.

I mean, just watch:

Horrifying, right? Luckily both the fan and Gaga were left completely unscathed by the tumble — which you might have guessed, given that if they weren’t, this article would not have started with a discussion of that time one person at a concert sounded like Toad.

“Everything’s OK,” the popstar told the audience fter taking the tumble. “The only thing that’s not OK is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up.”

Truly a queen.