Please Enjoy Kristina Keneally Brutally Roasting The Liberal Party’s Electric Car Backflip

The best part is watching Bill Shorten trying to keep a straight face.

Kristina Keneally electric cars

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Yesterday, Labor senator Kristina Keneally held a press conference where she was asked a question about ultra-fast charging stations for electric cars. Somehow, she managed to turn that question into a glorious three-minute roast of the Liberal Party, complete with printouts of Josh Frydenberg smiling in front of an electric car.

See, if you missed the whole electric car debacle yesterday, the government has managed to perform a pretty stunning backflip on electric vehicles. After months and months of actively supporting (and funding) the switch to electric cars, in the past week Scott Morrison and co have instead started claiming that Labor’s support for electric vehicles will destroy the weekend as we know it.

It’s a truly baffling backflip, given that evidence of the government’s previous support for electric vehicles is everywhere, and Keneally absolutely did not hold back in calling the Libs out on it. She started off by pointing out that despite what the government is saying, Bill Shorten was perfectly right to say an electric car can be charged in around eight minutes. “How do we know that? We know that because Angus Taylor [the Liberal energy minister] told us so himself in October 2018 when he announced that the Morrison government would be funding the development of those ultra-fast charging stations,” she said.

A few seconds later, she started pulling out printed photos showing current Morrison government ministers standing next to — and even driving — electric cars to show their support for them.

Keneally’s roast is stunning, but possibly the greatest part of this video is watching Bill Shorten in the background trying (and failing) to stop pissing himself laughing. You can see the whole thing for yourself below: