Please Enjoy Keke Palmer Explaining Why Rocks Have It Easy On ‘Chicken Shop Date’

"They seem like they've got it easy, you know? Even if somebody steps on them, because it hurts that person."

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Keke Palmer has faced Amelia Dimoldenberg on the eponymous YouTube series Chicken Shop Date, and the results were as excellent as you’d expect.

A YouTube series with a cult following, Chicken Shop Date usually sees a deadpan Dimoldenberg on a ‘date’ at a London chicken shop with a famous man who she seems to low-key despise. However our host appeared uncharacteristically besotted by Keke, who at one point explained to Amelia that if she was an object, she’d 100 percent be a rock.

“They seem like they’ve got it easy, you know? Even if somebody steps on them, because it hurts that person,” she explains.

“Solid,” Dimoldenberg says in response. “I’m soliddddd!” Keke shoots back. There was definitely some trans-Atlantic wires being crossed here, but the whole thing works nonetheless.

“If you mess with me, you’re going to get scraped up”, Keke finished. Ooof.

My favourite moment was when Amelia asked Keke when she was most proud of herself, to which Keke replied, “at the end of every day. Because at the end of every day, as everybody knows, with some of these days you could just call it quits, honey. So any time I make it through the end of my day, I’m like — you did it, girl, you made it through another day.”

It was a surprisingly honest answer. From Palmer’s appearances as an effervescent Met Gala host to her joyful character in in Nope, it’s hard to imagine the actor as struggling to get through anything. But there you have it — there are days when even Keke Palmer has simply had enough.

Amelia Dimoldenberg created Chicken Shop Date back in 2014. The series originally saw her eat chicken nuggets with some of the UK’s biggest Grime artists and rappers including Ghetts, Big Narstie, AJ Tracey, and Maya Jama.

She’s since branched out and has now interviewed the likes of Louis Theroux, Daniel Kaluuya, Rosalía, and Jack Harlow — building a much more international audience and even a profile in the New York Times.

She says that the series will end when she finally gets to interview Champagne Papi, aka Drake.

Watch Keke Palmer’s appearance on Chicken Shop Date below.