Keira Knightley Absolutely Slayed A Charity Livestream By Uh, Playing Her Teeth?

She snapped out 'Yesterday' by the Beatles on her musical molars.

Keira Knightley

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Celebrities are taking a strange kind of hit, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, with popular opinion turning against them more than ever before. Well, that is, every celebrity but Keira Knightley.

Yep, while most of the rich and famous are being pilloried for their terrible opinions on the outbreak of the disease, Knightley is becoming even more adored than ever before, all thanks to a video of the storied actress… playing her teeth?

See, it all went down during the Hope From Home livestream event designed to coincide with World Health Day. Stuck at a loss for what to do on the livestream, which was designed to give those trapped indoors a sense of purpose and joy, Knightley eventually decided to make music on her molars.

And let me tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard Keira Knightley of Pirates of the Caribbean fame flick out ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles across her pearly whites.

Just watch:

It’s genuinely not clear what celebrity culture will look like after the pandemic. People are less interested in the powerful flaunting their wealth than ever, which makes the stranglehold cultural grip of dynasties like the Kardashians seem out-of-touch and anachronistic.

But you better believe that there will always be a place in our hearts for Knightley, and for her extremely talented teeth.