YouTuber Tricks Right-Wing Commentator Into Accepting ‘Cunt’ Award

Congratulations to Katie Hopkins for taking home the 'Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy'.

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Katie Hopkins is one of the UK’s most extreme right-wing commentators.

She has a history of saying bigoted things like describing migrants as ‘cockroaches’, to saying her kids wouldn’t be allowed to play with lower-class children. She is also popular with Fox News in the U.S, and is famous for copping¬†Trump retweets, so you know she’s true garbage.

That’s what makes this incredible prank by YouTuber Josh Pieters is so damn satisfying. Pieters and his friends went to huge lengths to make a fool out of Katie, and they filmed every beautiful step.

First, they created a fake organisation called the Capetown Collective for the Freedom of Speech, knowing that its name would attract Hopkins like bees to honey. Then they emailed and told her she was the recipient of their award, the “Campaign to Unify the Nation Trophy.”

With some impressive Ocean 11 style heist moves, they got Katie to fly all the way to Prague to accept the award. They even booked a friend on the same flight to take photos of her en route.

She showed up at the fake ceremony dinner, which included a table full of actors from Prague as the rest of the so-called committee, and watched as Pieters delivered a meta-speech praising her.

“We need freedom of speech, from politicians to journalists, campaign groups to creatives, YouTubers to you in this room. Without being able to say what we think, without being able to mock other people, without being able to attack people, we are not free.”

When Katie got up to accept the award from Pieters, the glorious moment occurred behind them, without her clocking it.

If anyone was feeling a bit sorry seeing Hopkins so thoroughly humiliated, this all melted away during her filmed “acceptance speech”, where she made fun of Islam, epileptics (?), and called Greta Thunberg an “autistic wench.” The award couldn’t have gone to a more appropriate person.

It’s worth checking out the whole amazing caper.