Everyone On TikTok Is Recreating An Iconic Scene From ‘Kath And Kim’

"I couldn't give a fat rats about my job at the call-centre."

Kath and Kim TikTok trend

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Look at moi, because the world of TikTok has discovered Kath and Kim, and it’s noice, it’s different, it’s unusual.

Much like with the insane H20: Just Add Water trend, an iconic portion of Australian television culture has gained broader attention over TikTok. Kath and Kim has recently hit Netflix, which could help explain why the show is suddenly popular overseas, and having a resurgence in Australia — but whatever, we’re just really goddamn glad that it is.

While Kath and Kim references are popping up all over the app, a particular scene from the show has turned into a viral trend, with hundreds of videos all recreating a particular scene from the show, in which Kimmy gets fired from her call centre job.

It’s very good, with the kicker being the line “I couldn’t give a fat rats about my job at the call-centre. Was really high stress, you know the amount of abuse on the phone —  that I dished out…”

Anyway, let’s watch some! People are great!

Also, they’re doing THIS, also legendary, Pop-Tart centred scene.

And honestly, there’s hundreds more. But people are just feeling the Kath and Kim love in general.

Kath and Kim is currently streaming on Netflix.