Julia Gillard Has Roasted The Liberal Leadership Fiasco, And Honestly Can You Blame Her?

Who's laughing now, motherfuckers?

Julia Gillard

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For years, the Liberal Party was merciless in its attacks on Julia Gillard over the leadership scuffles between her and Kevin Rudd. Malcolm Turnbull called it a soap opera. Scott Morrison compared Labor to a pair of smelly feet. Peter Dutton joked that Gillard probably took political advice from Charlie Sheen.

Well who’s laughing now, motherfuckers?

On Thursday, as the Liberals tore themselves apart over who gets to be in charge of destroying the country, Gillard gave a speech at RMIT University in Melbourne. And under the circumstances, she was actually pretty restrained.

“I can understand why people would want to go and live in New Zealand, given the leadership of the current prime minister,” Gillard joked.

While admitting that it’s best “not to have people harping from the sidelines” in a time of crisis, the former Prime Minister couldn’t help but take a couple of digs.

Asked if she had any advice for Peter Dutton or Scott Morrison, Gillard grinned before saying they should “make sure to eat some veggies” and “get some sunlight”.

“Drink a lot of water,” she added. “The air conditioning at Parliament House is very dehydrating.”

To be honest with you, her face here kind of says it all.

On a more serious note, Gillard warned that things were probably going to get nasty come election time.

“I think we could be heading for a federal election that would be quite ugly around questions of race,” she said. “There’s been no secret that there will be campaigning on law and order questions, putting to the forefront people’s race and ethnicity rather than the crime.”