Joseph Gordon-Levitt Stars In A New Miniseries About The Fall Of Uber, And The Trailer Is Wild

It's called 'Super Pumped', and it's out very soon.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in new miniseries about the downfall of Uber CEO

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has had a strange old career.

Exploding onto the scene with his role in The Third Rock From The Sun, the actor became a mainstay of Hollywood for years, garnering recognition and acclaim for turn in such head-scratchers such as Inception. But then, all of a sudden… nothing. The actor has since said that he stepped back from acting in order to raise his family, but the suddenness of his disappearance felt a little odd.

Now, however, the actor is back in a big way. First, he returned with an acclaimed role in Aaron Sorkin’s The Trial of the Chicago Seven. And now, he’s taking a starring turn in a new miniseries about the rise and fall of Uber’s head honcho, Travis Kalanick.

One of the richest men in America, Kalanick jumped from a series of highly successful start-ups, before settling into a position as the CEO of Uber. But his tenure at the company was not a happy one. He was ruthlessly competitive, alienating his co-workers and constantly sensing threats from rival companies, and even his own customers. According to insider reports, the atmosphere at Uber a was deeply toxic “bro culture” where misogyny frequently flew under the radar, and workers were encouraged to value productivity over everything else.

Eventually, that culture resulted in an internal investigation into reports of sexual harassment, which led to a lengthy document that suggested, amongst other things, that Kalanick take a leave of absence. Before too long, the man was ousted from the company, and since then, has kept a relatively low profile.

The new miniseries, Superpumped, is an anthology work that focuses on Kalanick and his fall from grace. The trailer shows Gordon-Levitt in full swagger mode, taking on the persona of an entitled and aggressive tech bro.

The series premieres in late February. Watch the teaser trailer here: