John Oliver Just Tore Apart The Ludicrous Marriage Equality Postal Survey

"It's the weirdest waste of Australian money since every Baz Luhrmann movie ever made."

postal survey

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When US comedians and talk show hosts take a break from roasting the absolute shit-show that is US politics to focus on Australia instead you know it means we’ve really screwed something up.

In the case of the marriage equality postal survey that’s precisely what happened. The actual voting period is wrapping up but the rest of the world has only now caught up to the high farce that is this convoluted and bizarre process.

On yesterday’s episode of his show Last Week Tonight John Oliver turned his attention to Australia and the postal survey and the results are… not pretty.

Oliver opened by calling Australia the “Outback Steakhouse of countries”, which I would normally get mad about but in the context of the rest of his segment it’s probably fair tbh. He went on to point out the idea of a non-binding postal survey was absurd given polls already show two-third of Australians support marriage equality and parliament could therefore simply legislate it.

Oliver described the survey as “the weirdest waste of Australian money since every Baz Luhrmann movie ever made”, before turning his attention onto the No campaign. He quoted Liberal MP Kevin Andrews who infamously compared marriage equality to the relationships he has with his mates in his cycling club.

And of course the whole Macklemore saga gets a mention as well, with Oliver declaring” I do support gay marriage but I refuse to ever say ‘Let Macklemore play'”.

The results of postal survey will be made public in just over two weeks, but regardless of the outcome Oliver’s intervention is just another reminder of how unnecessary this whole process has been.

You can watch the full segment on Last Week Tonight here:

Worldwide embarrassment!John Oliver has just covered our postal survey and the ensuing 'respectful' debate.

Posted by DIY Rainbow on Monday, 30 October 2017