People Are Roasting This Photo That Perfectly Sums Up The Liberals

Can you see what's wrong with this photo?

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You’ve probably noticed that the government is a bit shambolic at the moment. It’s fighting two by-elections that it absolutely must win, and the man running one of those by-elections is John Alexander — the (now former) member for Bennelong, who recently learned he’s a dual citizen.

Busy on the campaign trail, Alexander last night tweeted this photo, showing him and some campaign volunteers “chatting to local residents”. Do you see anything wrong with the photo?

John Alexander

That’s right. Those phones aren’t connected to anything…

John Alexander

People were obviously quick to notice.

And many said it was the perfect metaphor for the NBN.

It’s a perfect metaphor for the government in general tbh.

Alexander’s opponent, former NSW Premier Kristina Keneally is also having some fun with it. She’s changed her Twitter bio.


We’re a week into the Bennelong campaign and Keneally is closing the gap on her opponent.

The seat, which used to belong to John Howard, should be very safe for the Liberals. If Keneally were to win the election on December 16, the government would lose its majority in the House of Representatives, and Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership would be in serious trouble.

So, fun times ahead for the government!