The Mayor Of Noosa Is Calling For ‘Bachelorette’ Creep Jess To Resign From The Local Council

“That sort of offensive, crude misogynistic behaviour is just not on."

Jess Glasgow of the Bachelorette

Listen: I’m sure you’ve screwed up once or twice in your life. I definitely have. But have you ever screwed up so badly that the local mayor has had to get involved? No? Then you have never screwed up as badly as Jess Glasgow of The Bachelorette.

As you probably know, Glasgow, a Noosa councillor, was a contestant on the newest season of The Bachelorette. The show is an opportunity for fresh-faced talent to break into the popular consciousness; a good way to get the entire country on your side, and talking about your name. To get those Instagram followers.

Jess Glasgow did not do this. Instead, Jess Glasgow decided that the reasonable thing to do in a house full of cameras was to be a massive creep. He was caught on camera making inappropriate comments and gestures towards Bachelorette Angie Kent, a waitress in the Bachelorette mansion, and one of the show’s producers. At one point he even called Angie “bitch” (jokingly, he says).

He was so much of a creep hat he was asked to stop his gross behaviour by several of his fellow Bachelorette contestants. Things eventually got so bad that Angie took control of the situation and booted him from the house, after absolutely ripping him to shreds.

Basically, Glasgow’s time on the show was such a mess that to call it disastrous would be an insult to actual, y’know, disasters. So it’s unsurprising that since the episodes aired, Glasgow has been met with severe fallout.

After the season’s first episode, Noosa council announced that they were merely going to investigate Glasgow for his behaviour, saying he hadn’t sought permission to go on the show.

But after last night’s clusterfuck of an episode, Noosa mayor Tony Wellington has told the public that he personally has asked the Bachelorette contestant to resign from his council post. 

“That sort of offensive, crude misogynistic behaviour is just not on,” the mayor said.

Read the full statement from the mayor here: