My Christmas Wish? To Be A Guest At Jenna Marbles’ Wedding

We just want the best for her.

Jenna Marbles Julien Solomita Wedding Married

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Swap out your Christmas movies for Jenna Marbles content: the YouTuber’s just gotten hitched. 

Well, not quite. Jenna and partner Julien Solomita actually tied the knot in early November, but Julien explained recently that the pair weren’t up for sharing the celebrations due to a serious health scare with their pup Peach. Now that Peach is on the mend, celebrations for the pair’s special day are back on.

And what a day it was. ‘Fits were thrifted, the film camera was out in full force, and is that a Kombi van I see? It’s giving Grease. Cute for them. 

Solomita posted happy snaps of the big day this morning and chatted the events through in detail in this video. Enjoy: 

Happy comments are pouring in for the newlyweds (PewDiePie, I see you) too, particularly for Jenna following her departure from her YouTube channel two years ago in 2020. In fact, there’s almost a perfect Venn diagram for when Jenna Marbles left the internet and our world started crumbling around us. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, this is delightful news for those of us who grew up on YouTube in the 2010s. Mum and Dad are married! Merry Christmas!