A ‘Moonlight’/’La La Land’ Situation Just Went Down At The Emmys Involving Jason Bateman

Real Michael Bluth energy.

Jason Bateman incorrectly announced as winner at Emmys 2020

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Death, taxes and meaningless-but-fun awards shows: not even a pandemic can stop the 2020 Emmys from taking place. And nothing can stop awards show fuck-up, with Jason Bateman’s name being read out for an award he did not actually win.

The 2020 Emmys are an even bigger affair than usual — this year, they’ve spread out the Creative Arts Emmy Awards over five nights in the lead-up to the main event, which is airing as we type. All ‘virtual events’ were televised, leading to some naturally awkward Zoom-induced moments, but none were quite as awkward as Saturday night’s snafu, where Bateman was almost given an award he didn’t win.

Bateman was nominated for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his work in The Outsider, alongside ‘Hot Priest’ Andrew Scott (Black Mirror), Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandolorian), James Cromwell (Succession), Martin Short (The Morning Show) and Ron Cephas Jones (This Is Us). When Rose Byrne and partner Bobby Cannavale announced the award, a title card popped up announcing Cephas Jones won — but Cannavale said Bateman’s name.

The producers instantly realised the mistake and went to commercial, coming back with a short title card announcement saying “Our apologies, an incorrect winner has been announced. We’re fixing it now. Please don’t go away”. As Variety report, the show rectified that Cephas Jones won, but if he recorded an acceptance speech, we didn’t see it.

The moment could’ve been much more awkward if the Emmys weren’t socially distanced, but still, it was a pretty jarring mistake. To his credit, Bateman’s in good spirits — he’s one of the few actors to actually pop up at Sunday’s main Emmy awards, appearing in the audience alongside a lot of cardboard cut-outs. He’s always down for a bit — and could still take home an Emmy for his work in Ozark.

Cephas Jones’ win made Emmys history as his daughter Jasmine also won an Emmy for her work on Quibi’s #FreeRayshawn, making them the first father-daughter combo to win Emmys. In an interview, Ron said it was “the most fulfilling” thing he could feel.

“Winning another Emmy is the icing on the cake, but to see my daughter progress and move into this place where she’s earned an Emmy is beyond words and I tear up every time I think about it to be honest with you,” he said (via Deadline). “To see my daughter become healthy and happy, that’s a parent’s dream.”

Watch the incorrect announcement and Bateman joking around with Emmys host Jimmy Kimmell below.