Taylor Swift Fans Are Now Bullying A Cat That They Think Belongs To Jake Gyllenhaal

"Do you let the cat wear the scarf? GIVE BACK THE SCARF JAKE."

Jake gyllenhaal Taylor Swift cat red

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If anyone has had a worse week than Jake Gyllenhaal, it’s this random cat on Instagram that has somehow been thrown into the ‘All Too Well’ debacle.

In case you somehow missed, Taylor Swift released her long-awaited re-recording of Red this week as part of her plans to record all six of her first studio albums. But instead of just recording updated versions of her 2012 songs, Swift gifted the world with a 10-minute version of ‘All Too Well’ along with a matching video, too.

Unfortunately for Gyllenhaal, who the breakup ballad has always been rumoured to be about, this means Swifties have been given an extra five minutes of ammo to fling at the actor.

For those catching up, Swift and Gyllenhaal allegedly had a very brief romance back in 2010 when Taylor was about to turn 21 and Jake was 29.

Since the song was released in 2012, Swifties have speculated that ‘All Too Well’ was about this romance because of references scattered throughout the song — specifically because Swift sings about dating an older man and the infamous scarf that she “left at his sister’s house” — a scarf that Gyllenhaal has been spotted wearing.

In the new version of ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)’, Swift also makes a dig about the antagonist in the song still dating women younger than him with the line “I’ll get older but your lovers stay my age”. This is significant because a 40-year-old Gyllenhaal is currently dating a 25-year-old model.

Also in the updated music video, the male lover played by Dylan O’Brien was made to look suspiciously like a beanie-loving, 2010-era Gyllenhaal. So basically, it’s not a great time to be Jake Gyllenhaal or John Mayer or really anyone else who dating Swift during the writing of her first six albums.

But one poor innocent soul who has been sucked up into this drama is a semi-Instagram famous cat called Mr. Flufflestilkskin, who is now getting bullied by Swifties.

You see, Taylor Swift’s fans have somehow convinced themselves that Jake Gyllenhaal owns this random internet cat and have flooded its comments with red scarf emojis and requests for the actor to stop hiding and give Swift her scarf back.

But despite being bombarded with comments about Gyllenhaal, the grumpy-looking cat with 40,000 followers has denied all claims that Gyllenhaal is his owner. Yesterday the person behind Mr. Flufflestilkskin’s account even jokingly begged for Swift’s fans to “stop cyberbullying” but they didn’t let up.

“GIVE BACK THE SCARF JAKE,” one commenter wrote. “Do you let the cat wear the scarf?” asked another. “YOU CAN’T HIDE USING YOUR CAT’S ACCOUNT.”

“MEOUCH — y’all need to clam down and stop cyber bullying,” Mr. Flufflestilkskin wrote. “So let me see if I have this straight… humans use the internet to send me messages thinking that I’m Jake’s cat but they don’t use the same internet to figure out that Jake doesn’t have a cat…”

“Not gonna lie, starting to fear for this species.”

But Swifties aren’t entirely wrong to link Flufflestilkskin to Gyllenhaal because speculation that the two were “related” happened long before Swift re-recorded ‘All Too Well’.

In fact, writer Evan Ross Katz actually did an investigation on the links between this cat and Gyllenhaal way back in 2019 in a VICE Garage piece titled ‘Is @ms.flufflestiltskin Jake Gyllenhaal’s Cat? An Investigation‘.

In their investigation, Katz discovered that Flufflestilkskin and Gyllenhaal had exchanged a very suspicious back and forth under one of the cat’s images.

“People think I’m your cat dude… I can’t even go outside anymore. Actually I’ve never been outside,” the account wrote. “We all know who’s cast you are… the luckiest person in the world!” Gyllenhaal responded.

Jake gyllenhaal Taylor Swift cat red

At the time of the investigation, Katz also noticed that of Flufflestilkskin’s 68 posts, the very busy and very famous actor had liked a whopping 42 of them, which sounds mighty suspicious. Plus, there was even the evidence that one of Flufflestilkskin’s fans had heard Gyllenhaal’s voice in one of the cat’s Instagram stories.

But when Katz messaged the cat to find out the answer, they were left on read. And when asked about the cat by Yahoo in 2019, Gyllenhaal winked and just said: “Let’s just say I have met Fluff. She’s amazing. She’s really truly one of the cutest cats I’ve ever seen.”

So I guess who owns Flufflestilkskin — just like where Taylor Swift’s scarf went — is a mystery that we will never know the answer to. MEOUCH, indeed.