A Fond Look Back At The Best (And Most Stupid) Prank In Australian Radio History

Back in 2006, radio host Graeme Gilbert decided to host a little trivia competition - and it all went horribly wrong.

Graeme Gilbert India prank call

Back in 2006, radio host and one-time Liberal politician Graeme Gilbert decided to host a little trivia competition.

As the host of Talk Tonight with Graeme Gilbert on 2SM, the man was known for his stern, serious demeanour. He mostly talked politics, operating what was essentially a talkback show — listeners would call in to discuss “the issues of the age”. Gilbert himself says the show is “media of trust in times of community disruption”. Though that’s probably taking it too far, to be honest. It’s more a place where conservatives can have their worldview repeated back to them by a man with a deep voice.

But on that fateful 2006 night, Gilbert tried something a little different. He posed his audience a series of questions about Australian gymnasts, politicians, and public figures and waited for them to call in and let him know their guesses as to the answers.

Listeners had a different plan for how things would go. They began to call in and offer the same answer to every question — ‘India’ — much to Gilbert’s mounting irritation. I mean, just listen:

The real joy of the clip is listening to the callers’ increasing skill at throwing Gilbert off, and making him believe that they’re about to honestly answer the question. They’re all very good at it. Which, of course, only makes Gilbert madder.

Indeed, Gilbert has proved such an expert foil for pranksters that he even found himself at the receiving end of different jokes over the years. For instance, he was once spoofed by a caller who recited the lyrics of the TV show Family Guy at him.

The result? Pure art.

Poor Graeme. Gotta admit, I do feel for him. It’s a shame the pranks are just so funny.