The “I Know A Spot” Meme Takes The Absolute Piss Out Of Everyone And Everything

No matter who you are, you'll feel personally attacked.

"i know a spot" meme

With coronavirus stopping us from doing all the things we normally do, people are starting to reminisce on their once-favourite date “spots”.

Well, no. That’s a lie. People are actually looking back at all the disappointing places that others have claimed to know with the “I know a spot” meme.

Taking the absolute piss out of people who always say they know the perfect location, which almost always ends up being terrible, the “I know a spot” meme has snowballed from clowning on disappointing date locations to a way of dragging anyone and everything for their well-known traits.

The meme originally started with @allthatnate_, who used the format to mock men thinking that going for a drive to a sketchy location classifies as a date. From here, others started to use “I know a spot” meme to highlight the terrible date locations men take them to in their own cities like winding up at Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia.

Once people started to share all the shitty locations guys love, the meme turned to dragging men for their worst traits. But because all is fair in the world of memes, women had to be called out for our not-so-ideal habits too.

From here, the “I know a spot” meme moved away from stereotypes about men and women and went in to attack… literally everything else. Seriously — certain artists, personality styles, star signs, no one was safe from being hilariously called out by the “I know a spot” meme.

So here are the best “I know a spot” memes for you to feel personally attacked by: