How to overcome the daunting task of making friends at uni

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Uni can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those of us not #blessed to have our school squad in our course, or who didn’t get the miracle of meeting our future best friend soul mate on orientation day.

Friendships can make or break your uni game though, and the unique process of finding your new squad amongst the hundreds in your course can definitely be a bit of an experience.

The scope out

First day and you’ve noticed someone with amazing hair/notebook/outfit that you just need to know, problem is, there’s hundreds of others in your class and you don’t quite have the balls to go up to a stranger and inform them that you are now BFFs. Rather than sit back and forever wonder what could have been, now’s the time to start formulating your plan.

The “accidental” partners

It’s the first class and thank the lord, because your unknowing suspect is in there with you. Now is the time to casually go up to the them, ask if the seat next to them is free, and plonk your butt right alongside then. Then, when the tutor awkwardly makes you to talk to the person next to you, you’re covered without seeming too keen.
When the conversation falters a little, you casually drop your “Oh wow, your outfit/notebook/handwriting is so amazing” comment, so that you can make it clear to your future best friend that, like them, you also have fantastic taste.

The Facebook add

Here’s where you man up and make your move, but still subtly. It’s way easier if you’re assigned to be in a group together, then you can ask for the Facebook details for ease of communication. Little bit trickier without that, but don’t worry, you’re a uni student, so time to put that big brain to good use and problem solve. Some people will go full on stalker and look at the course roll to suss out their new bestie, but others prefer the more conservative approach of looking through a mutual friend’s profile, hitting the friend request and praying that you don’t come off as a creep.

The bitch session 

Oh bitching, has a friendship ever been formed without you? Whether it’s bitching about that annoying kid in your class, the tutor, the lecturer or the workload, this is basically a prerequisite for any uni friendship. Bonus round with exam time, when bitching about the amount of work you have to do basically becomes a way of life.

The study buddy

OK, after all the bitching, now’s the time when you carefully suggest a study group. Naturally, this study group is more talking about whatever thing you have in common, rather than actual study. But hey, grades are just for a semester – this best friend is for life. To perfectly cement your budding friendship, you may throw in a need for a coffee, or a great new place you’ve heard of and want to try. Like that, future bestie takes the bait, and you’re on to your beautiful life together.

Anne Rathbone

Anne is a law student at Flinders University, who spends way too much time with her cat and not enough with actual humans.

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