Here Are The Internet’s Ten Best Baby Animal Baths

Well it works for Buzzfeed.

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This pair of sentences simply exists to make the article look like it is more than shameless link-bait. Feel free to just scroll straight past them.

10. These Baby Fennec Foxes

Their ears! Look at their ears!

Money shot: 0:43


9. This Baby Micro Mini Pig

The intolerable suspense of those first 16 seconds is worth it.

Money shot: 0:28


8. These Baby Otters

Why would you even need to bathe an otter? It doesn’t make sense.

Money shot: 6:21


7. This Cat

Does not even give one actual fuck.

Money shot: 1:05


6. This Golden Retriever Puppy

Looooves having his hind legs rubbed. Just loves it.

Money shot: 0:38


5. This Baby Goat’s Stinky Butt

Yes, it screams like a human.

Money shot: 0:12


4. This Baby Monkey’s Dirty Butt

The kid in the background is the luckiest kid in the world.

Money shot: 1:54


3. These Baby Pugs

Three at once. You cannot handle this.

Money shot: 1:05


2. These Baby Sloths

They squeeze them dry and then hang them up. Just like towels!

Money shot: 0:24. That squeak will destroy you.


1. This Baby Hedgehog

Apparently there is a whole genre of baby animal bath YouTubes devoted to tattooed man arms. This is unsurprising.

Money shot: 1:44


Also: Shming!


Money shot: 1:06-5:48