Someone Replaced All The Wands In The First ‘Harry Potter’ Film With Guns And It’s Very Funny

"Now I know what it would be like if Quentin Tarantino made a 'Harry Potter' movie."

harry potter with guns

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There’s no doubting that guns are bad. Like, really bad.

But, in a world of magic where there’s talking snakes, floating brooms, jumping chocolate frogs, horcruxes and all that other fun stuff, guns probably are the least of any wizard’s worries.

So, naturally, someone decided to imagine a world where Harry Potter and guns collide. And then because thinking about it wasn’t enough, they then decided to edit the entire first film and replace all the wands with guns.

No, seriously. Harry Potter With Guns has transformed Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, into ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons’ — and it’s hilarious.

There really is just something special about watching Hermione shoot sweet, innocent Neville at point blank range.

The creators of the edit say that “hundreds of hours were invested into digitally replacing magic with guns throughout the entire movie,” which makes sense considering the film has a running time of two hours and 39 minutes.

The “feature-length parody joke Hollywood movie” took roughly five years to finish and featured 175 new gun-related special effects edits. However, as expected, Warner Bros. shut the project down real fast — but not before people screen recorded clips of the masterpiece for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

While it is sorta wild to see gun-wielding children, it has to be asked how different it is for these kids to have access to wands — something that also has the power to be a deadly weapon in the Wizarding World.

And, as the creators of Harry Potter With Guns note, the spoof edit may have started as a “tasteless joke” but does highlight the problems with the glorification of violence, and gun violence in particular, in Hollywood films.

However, everyone just decided to ignore all that and just focus on the only good thing that J.K Rowling has done in recent years: Allow us to witness, at least parts of, the equally bonkers and hilarious ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons’.