This Weird Gun Advocate Keeps Failing At Interviews And Everyone Is Laughing At Her

Kaitlin Bennett, the infamous Gun Girl of Kent State, voluntarily uploaded a 20-minute video of her getting dunked on by college students.

Gun Girl Kaitlin Bennett Transphobic Interview

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Kaitlin Bennett, or Kent State Gun Girl as she’s otherwise known, has again gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Gun Girl is a conservative gun rights activist who gained attention back in 2018 for taking her graduation photos with a AR-10 rifle. Since then, Kaitlin has solidified her spot in society as a the ultimate pro-gun, pro-Trump Republican, and has managed to build a career off the back of her beliefs.

Beyond constantly advocating for the American right to bear arms, despite all of the senseless mass shootings that have occurred, Gun Girl has now gone viral for one of her most recent interviews.

Gun Girl VS. The Kings Of Kentucky University

Kaitlin conducts these interviews for Liberty Hangout, a self-described “libertarian media outlet”, who publish videos online weekly. Despite graduating in 2018, Kaitlin still frequently visits American colleges to interview young people on topics ranging from abortion to cultural appropriation.

One of Gun Girl’s most recent videos, however, was focused on trans people and their alleged use of urinals, pads and tampons in bathrooms. At the University of Kentucky, Kaitlin spoke to a number of students and the compilation was uploaded onto Liberty Hangout under the title: “College Students Have No Morals“.

People begun sharing select clips from the longer interview, dragging Kaitlin for her total lack of self-awareness. Despite everyone in the video saying that additional resources for transgender people was not a concern for them, Liberty Hangout still uploaded the interview in an attempt to shame the students for their stance.

While trying to bait the students into saying that only women have periods, Kaitlin only exposed her own transphobic opinions. While speaking to one woman, she asked: “If you were to walk into the women’s restroom and you saw a woman with a penis using a urinal, would you be concerned, or would you accept it and be inclusive?”

“It’s none of my business,” the student replied. “It’s none of your business that a man is in the woman’s restroom?,” asked Kaitlin. “If they are in the woman’s restroom, then they identify as a woman,” the icon said before walking away.

Obviously expecting a different response from the people on campus, Kaitlin was caught in a number of situations were she ended up looking pretty foolish. Noticing this, people online started to question why Kaitlin was still lingering around campuses despite graduating almost two years ago. They also were confused by why exactly Gun Girl was so fixated on other people’s genitals and their bathroom use.

The Reaction To The Interviews

People online praised the featured students for making Kaitlin “look stupid” for even uploading the video online when she clearly was in the wrong.

Gun Girl’s fixation on bathrooms was also highlighted as strange, and people used the opportunity to link the interview to Kaitlin’s most notorious scandal — the rumour that she shit herself at a frat party during her time at college.

Beyond the jokes about her uncontrolled bowel movements, others simply shared similar instances of Kaitlin looking foolish on camera. In particular, people called attention to an interview she did with an Australian family about gun laws.

After not being able to name the Aussie Prime Minister, simply because she “[does] not care about any other part of the world”, Kaitlin tried to shame Australia for their controlled gun access. Because, for some reason, gun laws are such a terrible thing to have.