Gumtree Teamed Up With Aussie Artists Josh And Matt To Launch A Range Of Upcycled Furniture

Second-hand furniture is the way to go for your wallet and the environment, but sometimes you can’t be sure if you'll end up with drab or fab. Partnering with Gumtree, viral Tiktokers joshandmattdesign share with us their environmentally conscious upcycling hacks.

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Second-hand furniture is the way to go for your wallet and the environment. If you’re an upcycling novice, you may be unsure of where to begin. Until now, that is: Gumtree has launched its first-ever interiors collection, called Gumtree Collections with Josh and Matt, and the pieces are all guaranteed to look absolutely stunning in your home.

Image: courtesy of Gumtree Australia

All the pieces in Gumtree Collections are one-off items that have been curated by Aussie artists Josh and Matt. The couple are behind the incredible colourful TikTok account joshandmattdesign, where they share interior design advice and home improvement hacks to over 190K followers.  There are 25 upcycled pieces within the collection, and each one has been transformed from an item sourced initially on Gumtree. Josh and Matt used their love of colour, texture, and shapes to breathe new life into the pre-loved items, like these bright pompom patterned couch cushions and this dazzling half-moon glass side table.

We love the Chromatic Chaos Dining Table, which uses tempered glass that reveals different colours depending on the angle you look at it. This set of picture frame shelves doubles as a sculptural masterpiece – in millennial pink and blue, of course – and this colourful side table is the perfect stand to put your indoor plants on.

Image: courtesy of Gumtree Australia

Josh and Matt want the collection to show everyone how easy it is to upcycle and hopefully inspire us to create our own stylish pieces that positively impact our home, wallets, and the planet. The entire line saved approximately 1,136kg of carbon emissions (CO₂), which is the estimated equivalent to the CO₂ emissions of powering one Australian home for 23 days, simply through upcycling furniture rather than needing to buy new and keeping pre-loved items away from landfill.

All proceeds from the collection will be donated to Gumtree’s sustainability partner and environmental organisation, Planet Ark. The proceeds will support programs like National Recycling Week so we can continue the adoption of a national circular economy.  So not only are the pieces good for your wallet — but what little they do cost will also directly support the environment. We love that!

Image: courtesy of Gumtree Australia

Our expert tip is not to delay when you find a piece you love. The collection is already on sale, and our favourite pieces won’t last long. You can find the exact details of each item in the listing description on Gumtree, and you can also use the messaging feature on the listing to reach out to Gumtree directly with any questions. Happy upcycling!

To purchase items from Gumtree Collections with Josh & Matt and learn about how much CO2 emissions they saved by upcycling, head here.

Lead image credit: courtesy of Gumtree Australia