‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ Just Got Jacked By Hackers

The hacker allegedly accessed company servers via an official employee Slack channel.

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Leaked footage from the upcoming video game Grand Theft Auto 6 has spread across the internet after hackers managed to gain access to the official employee Slack account for Rockstar games.

Video game company Rockstar is desperately trying to contain over 90 gameplay clips of GTA 6 which have rapidly spread across YouTube and Twitter. The alleged hacker, Teacup, posted the initial leak on a fan website GTAForums, which included animation tests, level layouts and even the game’s source code.

The hacker apparently boasted that he was able to access the footage by breaking into the official employee Slack channel, using a similar technique to hack ride-share company Uber last week.

After Rockstar confirmed the gameplay footage was indeed taken from the upcoming game, their parent company Take-Two Interactive began issuing takedown notices in an attempt to contain the leak, briefly shutting down GTAForums.

The hacker is allegedly holding back more of the leaked data in the hopes of ransoming it to Rockstar, telling the company to “make me an offer” in a conversation between a user impersonating an employee at the company.

The fresh leaks confirm earlier reports that the new game would feature a Latina woman as the main character, as well as new features like more realistic police A.I. and a weapons system similar to Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA 6 has previously been reported to revolve around a ‘Bonny and Clyde’ inspired plot, with users quickly taking to the internet to spoof the leaked footage,

Grand Theft Auto V has been overwhelming profitable for Rockstar, generating close to $6 billion US in sales and standing as the most profitable entertainment product of all time.