Grumpy Cat Has A Beverage Line Now

And with a book out this August, that marketing machine doesn't seem to be slowing down.

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When living internet meme Grumpy Cat made her SxSW debut in March this year, everyone found it pretty funny and cute. But no one took it too seriously. Because memes don’t last, right?

The trip had been paid for by Friskies, who used the opportunity to film the cat, Tardar Sauce — who suffers adorably from a form of feline dwarfism and an underbite — in a series of cat food commercials: ‘Will Kitty Play With It?’

TMZ reported that Tardar Sauce received first class flights to Austen for the shoot, plus a private hotel room with a king-sized bed, a personal assistant, a chauffeur, unlimited cat food and bottled water.

We should have seen this coming.



After the advertisement premiered in March, it was followed by appearances on Good Morning America and Anderson Live, a TIME photoshoot, a Forbes interview, and a feature in The Wall Street Journal.

In April of this year, Grumpy Cat was even impersonated by Alison Brie.


A movie deal soon followed, although the cat is not a fan of the form. “She hates movies,” Grumpy Cat’s representative, Mr. Ben Lashes, has said.

Mr. Lashes, 34, is a Los Angeles-based talent agent for internet cats. That is an actual job that exists, and he has it.

“When it comes to cats, Ben knows who is going to be big,” is what Christopher Torres, the creator of Nyan Cat, told the Wall Street Journal. Lashes represents Keyboard Cat, too.

Grumpy Cat does not look impressed at her book signing

And now, five days after the launch of her first book — Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book, which is out in Australia next month through Hardie Grant — the Lashes-negotiated deal between Grumpy Cat and Grenade Beverages appears to be coming to fruition.

The official Grumpy Cat Facebook page, which has 1.1 million likes, has just announced Grumpuccino: the first of three flavours of a new beverage that will soon be available from

It is milk-based. Obviously.


And yep, there’s a presale: