Grimes Has Explained The Meaning Behind Her Baby’s Name, X Æ A-12

"A-12 = precursor to SR-17 (our favourite aircraft). No weapons, no defenses, just speed. Great in battle, but non-violent."

grimes elon musk baby

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Grimes and Elon Musk are exhausting. They just are.

It was draining enough when Musk took to Twitter to explain that he and his musician partner had named their newborn son X Æ A-12. Now, to make matters even more insufferable, Grimes herself has jumped onto the social media platform to explain the meaning behind the name.

And boy howdy, wouldn’t you know it, that “meaning” is extremely irritating.

According to the Art Angels singer, the name is a kind of acrostic poem, with each letter standing in for something she values.

X is the unknown variable, a mathematical term. AE is Grimes’ own personal “elven spelling” of AI, which itself stands in for love and/or artificial intelligence.

A-12 might be the most annoying code of them all. It’s a reference to the Lockheed A-12, a spy plane built by the CIA. Apparently, the A-12 isn’t even Grimes’ favourite aircraft — she prefers the SR-17, also made by Lockheed. The only reason she chose the A-12 is because that way, the ‘A’ can stand in for ‘Archangel’, which is apparently Grimes’ favourite song.

She hasn’t actually specified which ‘Archangel’ she’s referring to, but it could be the song included on the Black Ops 2 soundtrack. I really hope that’s the case, ’cause that’s funny as hell.

Anyway, godspeed poor X Æ A-12. Hope that the world treats you as well as possible, given that your name is X Æ A-12.