Someone Live Tweeted Greta Gerwig Watching ‘I Feel Pretty’ In A Cinema And Wow


Greta Gerwig

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Spotting a random celebrity in the wild is always a treat, especially when they’re not quite aware that they’re being watched, judged and consumed by their hungry fans. We get to see what lies behind the carefully polished mask they present to the media — we get to see if celebrities truly are like us. Which is why the fact that one fan stumbled upon Greta Gerwig watching a screening of I Feel Pretty and decided to live tweet it all is so delightful.

Earlier today Twitter user Jaye Hunt realised that she was in an almost-empty cinema with famous director Greta Gerwig and her friends. Junkee reached out to Hunt, who confirmed that the sighting happened in New York City, and they were “99.9% sure it was her”.

You’d know Greta Gerwig as an actress, and the writer-director of the Oscar nominated film Lady Bird. Apparently she watches OTHER people’s movies as well as writing, directing and performing in her own. Wow!

You’ll also know I Feel Pretty as comedian Amy Schumer’s new movie about a woman who gets brain damage and experiences a massive shift in perception about her own body image.

Anyway, as the movie begins, we discover that Greta seems to be quite vociferously enjoying it.

But not only is Gerwig enthusiastic about the things she likes, she’s also loudly critical about what she doesn’t — which is even more relatable! After first uttering a loud “ugh” at the end of the opening credits, she goes on to voice her opinions about the film in the middle of the cinema.

Despite the cinema being largely empty, Gerwig and her friends still managed to make so much noise that they MADE SOMEONE LEAVE. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if they liked or disliked the film, they were clearly living their best life.

The two big takeaways from the film is that Greta Gerwig thinks Aidy Bryant was underutilised AND that Greta Gerwig is a loud movie talker.

What a lovely story. Also, before the inevitable criticism about the rudeness of live-tweeting during a film comes in, Jaye Hunt has addressed the issues:

Jaye also added:

“I do not think she liked it [I Feel Pretty] but I want to add that she seemed to be having a lot of fun as were I and some of the other patrons listening to her”.