#Denyer4Gold: Tom Gleeson And Grant Denyer Absolutely Torched The Logies On ‘Hard Chat’

"The Logies are an absolute joke! How good would it be if you won the Gold for a show that wasn't on air?"

Grant Denyer Tom Gleeson

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Comedian Tom Gleeson has launched a campaign to get Family Feud host Grant Denyer a Gold Logie… despite the fact that Denyer no longer has a show.

Denyer was the guest on the latest edition of The Weekly‘s ‘Hard Chat‘, and Gleeson wasted no time making fun of Family Feud‘s recent cancellation.

“You were nominated for a Gold Logie for Family Feud, which has been axed. Are the Logies broken?” asked Gleeson.

“I think it’s a lovely way to send out Family Feud,” replied Denyer. “If I’d known it was this easy to get nominated I would’ve had all my shows axed a long time ago.”

The pair proceeded to rip into the Logies, with Gleeson insisting that Denyer’s nomination “doesn’t make sense”.

“How good would it be if Logies organisers started doing Bathurst?” he joked. “You could come tenth and be king of the mountain.”

“Winning the Logies without having a show is kind of like winning the Bathurst 1000 without a car,” Denyer agreed.

“How good would it be if Feud won?” said Gleeson. “The Logies are an absolute joke — how good would it be if you won the Gold, finally, for a show that wasn’t on air? It’s perfect!”

“I’m going to drive my big brass mug up the red carpet and I’m going to campaign for you. And you can jam it up the Logies and jam it up Channel Ten at the same time!”

Since the episode went to air, The Weekly has overhauled its social media with banners featuring Denyer’s face and the hashtag #Denyer4Gold.

Gleeson also stopped by ABC’s Breakfast News this morning to drum up support, even wearing a shirt with Denyer’s face on it.

“The Logies are an absolute joke and I want to push it to its natural absurd end,” he told hosts Michael Rowland and Del Irani.

“Denyer for Gold!”

To vote in the Logies ballot, go here.