Grace Tame Apparently Ripped Into Scott Morrison At Her Comedy Festival Debut

It looks like she called Scott Morrison a "self-saucing comedy pudding".

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The 2021 Australian Of The Year and all-round legend Grace Tame performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival last night.

Tame, who works to advocate for survivors of sexual assault, performed at a live recording of Dan Ilic’s comedy podcast A Rational Fear — and by all accounts, it was a huge success.

Grace was reportedly greeted with thunderous applause at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre as she took to the stage, indicating that she didn’t want to get too political. She then reportedly referred the Scott Morrison as a “self-saucing comedy pudding” and a “joke dessert that ices itself”. It looks like she also referenced Scott Morrison’s infamous 60 Minutes interview, observing that he grabbed that ukulele “all by himself”. He really did.

Tame performed her monologue alongside comedians Zoe Daniels, Gabbi Bolt, Vidya Rajan, Lewis Hobba, Alice Fraser, and Dane Simpson.

In a tweet posted this morning, host Dan Ilic said that Grace “brought the house down” by “comparing herself to an Airfryer”. We’re sorry to have missed it.

Bizarrely, Tame got some pushback after choosing to do the show, which she addressed on Twitter yesterday. “To be clear, this isn’t a “career move”, “she wrote. “Advocacy is my first priority, always. It’s my life and purpose. I ummed and aahed over whether or not this was the right thing to do. Would it send a hopeful, empowering message to survivors? Or would it trivialise the cause?”

She added: “No survivor should be bound to living out their pain for the rest of their life.  What of all the risks? What if I get heckled? What of the media watching, waiting eagerly for me to put a foot wrong. What of all the factors beyond my control?

“It is possible to be a survivor of child sexual abuse, a public policy advocate, and also have a sense of humour. Just as it is possible to be a survivor of child sexual abuse and be a thriving academic. Nobody should be resigned to suffer all the time.

“Things have been especially tough lately. But I reckon we could use a laugh. Either way, the joke’s on me. And if I fail, I’ll pick myself up and move on. You never know, unless you try.”

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