One Of Your Favourite Sydney Venues Has Quietly Closed Down For Good

Just when you thought the sweeping club closures was done, another one bites the dust.

While it seems like the worst of the impacts of the Sydney lockout laws are behind us, with softening of the nightlife restrictions on the horizon, there’s yet one more favourite local venue to add to the list of the dearly departed.

GoodGod Small Club, on Liverpool St in Sydney’s CBD, was once known for its delightfully filthy late night dance sessions and impeccably themed club nights.

While the venue has kicked on in some fashion since GoodGod organisers pulled stumps right in the thick of the first bulk of lockout laws the city saw, first as Plan B and then later renamed The Hudson Ballroom, it looks like these final curtains are indeed the end.

Stoney Roads has confirmed today that after Hudson Ballroom quickly shut its doors for vaguely announced renovations a month or so back, the venue will not be repurposed again as live music venue, leaving yet another hole in the increasingly swiss-cheese-esque state of the Sydney music scene.

The sweaty den of music and sin saw the likes of then up-and-comers Flume, What So Not and Cloud Control cutting their teeth as well performances from such international heavyweights as Diplo, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

There’s little information around on what’s to happen to the site, with the Hudson Ballroom facebook page simply disappearing into the digital ether.

RIP GoodGod/Plan B/Hudson Ballroom. I danced, I cried, I regrettably kissed way too many indie fuccbois there. You shan’t be forgotten.

Feature image courtesy of Voena / Facebook