The Villainous Sue Sylvester From ‘Glee’ Has Become The Internet’s Newest And Most Chaotic Meme

Sue promised she was going to create an environment that is so toxic. Now she's a massive meme.

Sue Sylvester from Glee toxic environment

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Remember Glee? It’s hard not to.

The Ryan Murphy-created sitcom was a Frankenstein’s monster of pop culture parts, a fusion of the saccharine nonsense of sitcoms with the chart success of cleaned-up covers and the sheer rampant nostalgia we were all mired in during the early two thousands.

It was the weirdest show on television, but a weird show that somehow became a massive success, producing an army of fans and turning Murphy into one of the most wanted showrunners in Hollywood.

And then there are the memes. For years now, Glee has produced a range of exploitables, each more demented than the last.

But perhaps no trend has been stranger — or more downright enjoyable — than a recent spate of jokes concerning that show’s villain, Sue Sylvester.

See, it all started when Twitter user @elmotumbokon shared a scene in which Sue cruelly delights in the idea of creating “an environment that is so toxic.”

Very quickly, the meme began to gain a life of its own, shaped and changed to make fun of everything from Glee itself to anyone else looking to “create an environment that is so toxic.”

Then, finally, joyfully, the meme started getting even weirder, somehow.

Who knew that Sue Slyvester murmuring about a desire to create an environment that is so toxic could create so many days of excellent memes?