Everyone Is Roasting Gladys Berejiklian Over This Wildly Awkward Footy Photo

"I too am standing motionless in front of the TV like a Sim for four hours so I don't miss a second of the game."

gladys berejiklian state of origin photo

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It is once again that happy time of the year when Queensland and New South Wales give up the shaky pretence of liking each other and instead take to the footy field to biff over the ball in the annual State of Origin.

The first game of the NRL series is kicking off at 8pm tonight at Townsville’s Queensland Country Bank Stadium so, naturally, now is the time for politicians from both states to pretend they understand the common folks and know what on earth a try is.

Australia has a proud history of politicians not knowing how to watch sport, from Malcolm Turnbull forlornly gazing at a TV set in the clouds, to John Howard donning that bloody tracksuit. (Howard can get another mention for that truly shocking overarm bowl, as well.)

What on earth is this?

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has now made an absolutely stellar contribution to this dubious hall of fame, this afternoon posting this very, very casual photo in support of the NSW Blues. Gaze upon it for but a moment.

Now, There’s A Lot To Unpack Here

Firstly, why is Gladys watching the TV now when the State of Origin doesn’t start for hours? Secondly, you have to wonder whether Gladys has ever held a drink in her life, as that curious grip on the Coke Zero leaves a lot to be desired. The choice of the Coke no-sugar is also curious — surely as a pollie you’d know you have to clutch at least a shandy in order to ingratiate yourself to the masses? On top of all that, on closer inspection the can ISN’T EVEN OPEN. Also, is that actually Gladys?

It took Twitter around 30 seconds to grab hold of this bewildering image and roast it for all it was worth — so without any more deconstructing, read some of our favourites below.

Enjoy it while it lasts — the life-cycle of a meme is about two hours these days.