The Chaser Has Gone To Town On A George Pell Monument In Sydney

Much better.

George Pell plaque updated by The Chaser

Yesterday, the Supreme Court of Victoria smacked down an appeal by Cardinal George Pell to have his conviction for child sex abuse overturned. Pell remains a convicted paedophile, and no amount of column inches and Sky News tantrums from Andrew Bolt can change that.

In light of the court’s decision, the team at The Chaser paid a visit to St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, in order to update a plaque commemorating Pell’s time as the city’s eighth archbishop.

“Here’s George Pell’s plaque, proudly on display,” says The Chaser’s Charles Firth in a video posted on the group’s Facebook page. “And yet it’s missing his most noteworthy achievement.”

And with that, Firth attached to the plaque a small gold plate noting Pell’s status as a sex offender.

Officials from St Mary’s have previously resisted calls to remove the plaque, with a spokesperson from the church telling The Sydney Morning Herald following Pell’s conviction in February that there was “no reason” to “change arrangements” regarding the plaque.

Really? You can’t think of any reason?