A Sydney Restaurant Dumped Two Women On The Street After Giving Them 16 Shots In 40 Minutes

"One of the worst breaches of liquor laws in NSW in recent years."

Gangnam Station Korean

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The NSW Office of Liquor & Gaming has fined a restaurant $2200 after staff dumped two unconscious customers on the footpath, calling the incident “one of the worst breaches of liquor laws in NSW in recent years”.

Staff at Gangnam Station Korean in the Sydney CBD allegedly gave the two women 16 shots in 40 minutes on a Thursday evening in November last year.

Gangnam Station

After the women consumed their eighth shot, they fell unconscious and slumped forward. According to a media release, staff and patrons then carried the women outside as one of them vomited on herself, before dumping them on the footpath.

Two passing police officers noticed a crowd surrounding the women and intervened, and called an ambulance.

The Office of Liquor & Gaming has given the restaurant a “first strike” and a fine, and brought forward the restaurant’s closing time from 2am to midnight.

Venues that receive three strikes could be closed permanently.

Director of Compliance Operations Sean Goodchild said the venue’s actions showed a blatant disregard for the health and safety of patrons and responsible service of alcohol requirements.

“It’s hard to imagine a worse case of a venue failing in its obligations to prevent misuse and abuse of alcohol,” he said.

The Office of Liquor & Gaming has released CCTV images of the incident. Let this serve as a warning:

Gangnam Station Gangnam Station Gangnam Station