Gang Of Youths’ Amazing Dancing Is Now 2018’s Most Wholesome Meme

We don't deserve this.

Gang of Youths wholesome meme dave dancing

The internet can be a horrible place sometimes. Actually to be honest, it’s an awful place most of the time.

But occasionally, a light shines through the darkness — and today, that light comes in the form of the most wondrous, most wholesome, most glorious meme page on Facebook: ‘The Same Video Of David Le’aupepe Dancing To Different Songs.’

Its purpose is pretty straight forward: superimpose random songs over the same video of the Gang of Youths frontman swaying his hips and dancing for all he’s worth. The results speak for themselves — so far, he’s been grinding to the Veronica’s ‘Untouched’, Ruby Fields’ ‘Ritalin’, and the Rubens’ ‘Hoops’.

The page has only been active since the start of December, but we think this is the start of something truly beautiful. Watch the videos below, and keep in touch with the wholesome content over here.