We Made You The Ultimate Viewing Guide And Drinking Game For The Fyre Festival Doco

8. When your guests arrive, spray them with the hose as they walk through the door. Continue to spray them periodically throughout the evening.

Fyre Festival Documentary Viewing Party

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— Update: Hulu’s Fyre Festival doco, Fyre Fraud, will air this Sunday night on Channel 7 at 9.30pm. —

Last week, Netflix unveiled the utterly bonkers trailer for the impending Fyre Festival documentary, titled Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened. 

Set to land on our screens this Friday, the doco will offer a behind-the-scenes look at the lead up and spectacular collapse of the festival, which saw founder Billy McFarland sentenced to six years in prison for fraud. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, do — it’s completely wild.

Clearly, this is going to be the documentary of the season, so we think it’s only appropriate that you should attempt to recreate some Fyre-style conditions in your own home for your viewing party.

We’ve also constructed a drinking game that will make the experience thoroughly more pleasant for all involved (but please, be responsible.) Dive in, and prepare yourself for the “event of the decade.”

Viewing Party Instructions

1. Remove all the furniture from your lounge room, place a mattress on the ground in the middle of the room

2. Pull a hose in through the nearest window, making sure to bring in some dirt at the same time

3. Give the mattress a good soaking, casually scattering the dirt while doing so

4. Go to the fridge, and throw out any food you had planned to feed your friends

5. Purchase some basic Kraft singles, some stale wholemeal bread, and some distressed lettuce leaves; grudgingly assemble when your guests start complaining about the lack of dining options

6. Buy bottles of Passion Pop and write “Moët” on the label with a permanent marker

7. Tell everyone that Blink 182 will be at the party. They won’t be.

8. When your guests arrive, spray them with the hose as they walk through the door; continue to spray them periodically throughout the evening

9. Designate your richest friend to play Billy McFarland, hand them a cigar and instruct them to blow smoke in people’s faces (Bonus tip: At the end of the night, put handcuffs on them)

11. Put away your nice TV/laptop for the night. Instead, make sure you watch on a half-broken device that lags, and occasionally switches off for no reason

11. At some point in the evening, put an industrial fan on full force and throw a bucket of sand over your guests

12. Play jet engine and other random plane sound effects during the film

13. Change your social media handle to any one of these fancy names: William Alexander III, Bendersnell Clusterdick, Poppy Fetherington-Smythe. Live tweet the evening, making sure to include photos of the carnage

14. Whenever there’s a lull in proceedings, start sobbing and screaming “I’M GOING TO SUE YOU”

15. When the film finishes, play it again from the beginning. Repeat three times and refuse to let your guests leave

16. Pull the mattress out from under your friends

17. Finally, abruptly cut the electricity to signal the end of the evening

Fyre Festival Drinking Game

Take A Shot…

– Every time there’s a shot of eerie looking palm trees
– Whenever you see Billy McFarland smoking a cigar
– Whenever the picture of cheese and bread is shown
– Whenever someone says the word disaster (maybe go easy on that one)
– Every time someone says ‘disruptive’, or ‘game-changing’ (Bonus shot: whenever you see words deliberately spelled wrong, like, you know, ‘Fyre’)
– Whenever you see footage of an Instagram model (Bonus shot whenever there’s a screenshot of their Instagram account)

Scull when… 

– Whenever you see a rich person cry
– Whenever a rich person threatens to sue/call their lawyer
– Every time you see someone carrying a mattress on their head
– Every time someone screams ‘Oh my god’ or ‘Are you serious?’
– And finally, when Billy McFarland realises his game is up and he’s going to jail for a seriously long time

Enjoy (responsibly)!