Five Of The Funniest YouTubers On YouTube That You Can Watch On YouTube

If you want to laugh while watching YouTube, you are in luck.

Funniest YouTubers

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One of the best things about the internet is the existence of YouTube, the home of all the videos in the entire world. And the tiny kings and queens of that video realm are called YouTubers, and they are incredibly popular. Let’s find the funniest YouTubers.

There’s all sorts of things on YouTube, like the music video for Despacito which has billions of views, or channels where people review pizza, which also has millions of views. It’s a rich tapestry. But we’re going to look at some of the people who use YouTube to make funny stuff, because honestly, that’s a better use of our time.

So, without further fucking around, here are five of the funniest people on YouTube.

Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart is probably best known for her sorta-cooking show My Drunk Kitchen, in which she gets drunk and tries to cook. She is pretty naturally funny as it is, with a quick wit and a truly awe inspiring ability to pull puns out of almost nothing, so she’d be worth watching anyway. But the reason MDK works so well is because she gets truly drunk and messy, at least in the very early ones, and it’s almost compulsive viewing.

But, probably due to the constant fatigue of having to get absolutely smashed for content, she moved beyond just My Drunk Kitchen and established her own channel, where she still does food stuff, but also talks about sexuality and does comedy and also still drinks a whole bunch. Her videos on coming out from years ago were particularly cute.

These days, she’s had a show on the Food Channel, she’s written two books and she’s interviewed all sorts of fancy people. She’s very funny.

Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is the creator and host of the channel it’sGrace, although you might also know her from her earlier work on the show DailyGrace. She’s also the host of the podcast Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, and co-host of the YouTube series This Might Get. She’s also written some books and hosted a talk show on TV and acted in some stuff.

She does a lot.

Grace is probably best known for her particular brand of dead-eyed perkiness, or as she describes herself “your favourite emotionally distant internet personality”. Amongst the almost gratuitous hype and excess cheeriness of other personalities, her stiff legged walk and soulless monotone is often the funniest thing around.

Thomas Sanders

You probably know Thomas Sanders from his stupendously popular and funny Vine series Narrating People’s Lives, also known as Storytime. After Vine shut down (RIP), he begin the YouTube series Sanders Sides.

Sanders is, to use a scientific term, an absolute goddamn delight, a ray of sunshine in this dark and dreary existence. He’s a cheeky little prankster with a heart of gold. I love him. His YouTube channel continues with comedy, but also some cool stuff about sexuality and cartoons and other stuff.

Mamrie Hart

Mamrie Hart’s YouTube channel is called You Deserve A Drink, and it’s another similarly drinking themed channel to Hannah Hart’s (no relation). However, where Hannah mostly drinks, Mamrie actually engages in some real mixology.

It’s also extremely funny, with the actual real instructions turned into a brilliant performance of puns and pop-culture and japes and drinking games. It’s the best.

Machaizelli Kahey

Machaizelli is a comedy vlogger with a channel titled MacDoesIt. He’s best known for his parody and how-to guru videos, which have gained him 1.2 million subscribers. I found him when I saw a video called ‘reacting to anti-gay commercials’. He’s very loud and strange and funny. He’s good.

All of these YouTubers can be found at VidCon Australia, August 31st to September 2nd in Melbourne!