Netflix Has Finally Released A Full Length Trailer For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2

Monsters and Michael Jackson.

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No more teasers. After months and months of waiting, Netflix has finally given us our first proper look at Stranger Things season two, and it is flipping phenomenal.

Doubling down on the mix of creepy vibes and ’80s nostalgia that made the first run of episodes such a spectacular success, the three minute trailer sees Will plagued by visions of the Upside Down. Or at least, I *hope* they’re just visions. Eleven, meanwhile, seems to have found a way back into the real world, but it looks like she didn’t come alone.

On the plus side, Steve Harrington seems to be having a good time.

Party Steve

Also, full marks to whichever marketing boffin decided to set this thing to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. That was an inspired choice.

Stranger Things season two hits Netflix on October 27.