Friendlyjordies’ Producer Arrested By Fixated Persons Unit For Allegedly Stalking John Barilaro

The Fixated Person's Investigation Unit was established to deal with lone-actor extremists in 2017, in the wake of the Lindt cafe siege


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According to an exclusive report from The Guardian, producer of Friendlyjordies’ Youtube channel, Kristo Langker has been arrested for the alleged intimidation and stalking of NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

21-year-old Kristo Langker was arrested by the NSW Police Fixated Person’s Investigation Unit at his family home in Dulwich Hill on June 4th, 2021. The Fixated Person’s Investigation Unit was established to deal with lone-actor extremists in 2017, in the wake of the Lindt cafe siege.

The arrest marks an escalation of an ongoing legal battle between the two parties. Back in May, Barilaro announced he was suing Friendlyjordies’ and their team for alleged defamation. Barilaro’s lawyers allege that Friendlyjordies launched a series of “racist attacks” in their videos, as well as a “smear campaign” that alleged Barilaro was corrupt.

The criminal allegations Langker has been arrested relating to two encounters with Barilaro. In the first incident, Barilaro alleges, Langker and Jordan Shanks (aka, Friendlyjordies) approached Deputy Premier Barilaro at an event. Shanks was dressed as the video game character, Luigi and introduced Langker as his lawyer, shouting, “Why are you suing us, why are you suing us?”

The second incident, Barilaro alleges, occurred hours before Langker’s arrest. Langker allegedly approached Barilaro as he was approaching his car and asked: “Deputy premier, why are you suing my boss?”

In a statement, NSW police allege, “Due to the public reach and offensive nature of the friendly jordies media platform, the victim in his public position is harassed by the followers of Friendly Jordies.”

According to The Guardian, Langker’s lawyers, Xenophon Davis and partner, Mark Davis allege that a warrant has also been issued for Jordan Shanks’ arrest. They labelled the arrest of Langker “highly alarming…We are highly disturbed by misinformation that police appear to have acted upon,” they said. Davis also labelled the use of the Fixated Persons Unit as “shocking”.

Langker was granted strict conditional bail and will appear at Newtown Local Court on June 24.

Deputy Premier Barilaro, Kristo Langker, and Friendlyjordies were reached out to for comment.