Disney Is Recalling A ‘Toy Story 4’ Forky Toy Because It Might Injure Children

Forky voice: why am I alive?

forky toy story 4

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Bad news, Forky fans: Disney has had to recall a plush toy of the fork from Toy Story 4, over concerns that it may injure children.

Specifically, the recall notice notes that “the ‘googly’ plastic eyes on the toy can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children”. As the living, breathing Forky would say to that: “why am I alive?”.

The recall also raises a few other questions. Namely: why did Disney make a plush toy version of a character who is literally made out of a plastic fork and a pipe cleaner? And who’s buying these things?

As Forky explains in the film, “I’m trash”. He’s literally trash. If a child wanted a toy forky, Toy Story 4 demonstrates precisely how to go about constructing one for cheap, out of said trash.

Instead, now thousands of needlessly plush Forkies are headed — you guessed it — to the trash.

Does that undermine the point of the film a little? Who’s to say? Farewell, Forky, we hardly knew ye.