The Footy Show’s Sam Newman Is Under Fire Over Transphobic Comments Directed At Caitlyn Jenner

How is he still on TV?

We regret to inform you that Sam Newman is at it again.

The AFL Footy Show panelist and regular dickhead and is being condemned on social media today after a segment on last night’s show mocked Caitlyn Jenner.

During a discussion of a team banner that featured a picture of Jenner, fellow panelist Billy Brownless described her as a “lookalike” of Newman.

“I know who he… it is, I do,” Newman said. “Oh well what is she? Is it a he or a she now… still got the-?

“Is it transgender is it, or what is it?”

The comments have been slammed on social media this morning.

Newman has a solid track record of making offensive and sexist comments on air and The AFL Footy Show has a solid track record of completely ignoring his behaviour.

Recently he offered up his thoughts on US politics, for some reason. “I am a huge Donald Trump fan. I think he is fantastic,” Newman said. “I thought the man before him was a disgrace. People will say that’s being racist, but it has nothing to do with him being black.

“And the person Donald Trump beat is absolutely the most crooked woman ever to stand for public office. People will say that’s sexist… it is nothing of the sort.”

The AFL Footy Show has so far turned a blind eye to Newman’s on-air controversies, including the time he referred to the high-profile women critics of Eddie McGuire as “excrement”, so you might not want to hold your breath this time around.

However Angie Greene, who runs a charity “dedicated to fighting sexual and gender discrimination in sport and in life”, and first shared Newman’s comments on social media, has said that she has contacted the show’s producers and will “fight for this”.