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This Intimate Moment Between Florence Welch And A Fan Has Gone Viral

"I can confidently say I was floored and in sheer, divine awe. Truly religious experience."


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Currently, Florence + the Machine are on the US leg of their Dance Fever tour and one American fan during the Detroit show last week got to live what I can only describe as my wildest dreams.

During a performance of ‘Prayer Factory’, a song featured on Dance Fever, lead singer Florence Welch embraces the fan, before gently pressing her forehead against the fan’s own. Florence caresses the fan’s cheek with her hand before gliding away. It’s a wildly intimate moment.

The holy interaction was shared by TikTok user, within_and_without, AKA Ash, who is the fan featured in the clip. In her top comment, Ash shares, “I can confidently say I was floored and in sheer, divine awe. Truly religious experience”.

With over 1.7 million views on the original video, Florence + the Machine fans have been, to put it mildly, losing it. The clip was even dueted in awe by King Princess themself, as well as other major accounts to 10s of 100os of views. I can safely say that if miss Florence Welch did that to me, I would never recover. You can watch the beautiful interaction in the TikToks below.

Florence Welch will land on our shores next year, with a headlining slot secured at WOMADelaide and a stack of other dates locked in.