Five Excellent Short Films Young Aussie Directors Created In Just Three Weeks With Basically No Money

They covered everything from multiculturalism to refugees to a time-travelling dog.

Brought to you by HP

Brought to you by HP

We’re partnering with the HP Future Filmmakers competition to take a look at the winners, their stories and topics that matter to aspiring filmmakers and movie fans.

Making a film sounds like something that would be easy until you think about it for like, four seconds. There’s all kinds of knotty problems filmmakers have to grapple with if they don’t want their end product to turn out like the sad home movie your tipsy Aunty shot on her digital camcorder ten Christmases ago. Where do actors come from? Why is video editing such a soulless, time-consuming exercise? How do you get the camera to do that lens flare thing Michael Bay likes so much? These are challenges.

But if you’re smart and dedicated enough, you want to make a movie no matter what the limitations. A little while ago, five short-listed Australian filmmakers were given a brief and a nominal budget, and told to create a short film from scratch in three weeks as part of the HP Future Filmmakers competition. To see what they came up with, the films were played during a special one-off screening at Hoyts Cinema Broadway last week, presented by Australian filmmakers Jarred Osborn and Julian Lucas, the dual faces of the HP campaign. Osborn and Lucas won Tropfest last year with Granny Smith, an excellent little film about a dead grandma who doesn’t actually exist.

The five films are below, and if one really stands out you can vote for your favourite of the bunch here — the winner gets a $2,000 cash grant to put towards their budding directorial career or blow on bulk cereal and Ramen noodles as they see fit. As a sweetener, HP are running another competition for people to come up with a tagline for each film — if you go to their respective YouTube pages and include yours in the comments, you’re in the running. First prize includes a brand-new HP laptop and a $5,000 Flight Centre voucher so, y’know, that’s not bad.

The Time Tube, by Toby Morris

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Processed, by Joel Kohn

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Mel and Rana, by Jen Farrow

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Talk The Walk, by Mitch Kennedy

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The First Fires of Outliers, by Edward John Drake

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