Everyone Is Roasting This Bizarre Pro-Gun Tweet About “30-50 Feral Hogs”

"30-50 feral hogs? At this time of year? In this part of the country? Localised entirely within your yard?"

feral hogs gun control

Let’s get this straight — there’s been two horrific mass shootings in the US, and it’s deeply awful and sad and fucked.

The aftermath of this depressingly common occurrence is always pretty easy to predict — starting at the banal thoughts and prayers, before delving into the frustrating carousel of the US gun control debate. It seems absurd to think that a country as huge as the USA can’t correlate their national obsession with gun massacres with the huge amount of, well, guns, but here we are!

So, because this is such a traumatically common occurrence, any minor point of difference in the dialogue does tend to be seized upon.

Enter the 30-50 feral hogs.

The meme — or at least viral-roasting — started in response to a tweet by popular country music star Jason Isbell, who was advocating for control of assault rifles. A concerned citizen named William McNabb decided to respond with what he considered a legitimate concern:


This could be a symptom of the Twitter latte bubble, with its hordes of snooty inner-city leftists who have never fought even a SMALL herd of pigs with a machine gun, mocking the daily reality of the beleaguered “real” American heartland. It could be.

Even if these swarms of rabid Pumba’s do exist, it begs the question of why the children are forced in such close proximity to them, assumedly fighting for the same rich veins of truffle.

Anyway! Twitter had a collective mental breakdown and became obsessed with the hogs, probably because it’s the only way we can engage mentally with these mass shootings without our brain leaking out our nose. Enjoy!