This ‘Far Cry: New Dawn’ Glitch Ruins The Game, But In A Very Funny Way

Far Cry New Dawn

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Far Cry New Dawn, a B-grade movie in video game form, could do with a little more polish. There’s plenty of action to be had, but things can feel rather rough around the edges. One example of this is a particularly prevalent glitch, which makes one quest much easier than intended.

In Far Cry New Dawn‘s main story quest ‘Now That’s Entertainment’, Highwayman Irwin Smalls tells you that he’s in debt to the Twins. The villainous leaders of the marauding Highwaymen aren’t women anyone shortchanges if they want to live, and Smalls confides that he needs a “sure thing” to earn enough to pay them. Apparently, he’s hoping that you’re that thing.

After testing the strength of your punch and having you divest yourself of weapons, he takes you to Bonecrusher Pit, an arena where people bet on fighters. Accompanied by the sound of jeering onlookers, you’re quickly thrust into combat against three rounds of humans, dogs and pigs.

You prevail of course, because you are a video game protagonist in an action game. Dispatching them is a tad more difficult than it would be were you still in possession of your weapons, but grabbing a bat off a downed opponent is simple enough. Then, after the third round, comes the grand finale.

“Eyes up top, thudfucks!” yells the MC. “We got our reigning motherfucking champion ziplining in from on fucking high!”

Amongst the cheering crowd above you stands a man wielding a large shield and a spiked steel bat. In front of him is a blue zipline, waiting for him to sweep down and take your face off.

In many people’s games that is exactly what happens. However, a notable number of Far Cry New Dawn players have instead witnessed this situation deflate in a less climactic fashion.

Well……alright then. from farcry

So “The Champion” just killed himself from farcry

It seems that sometimes the fearsome champion misses his zipline. Then, rather than trying again or finding some other, safe way down to the deathmatch, he opts to simply step off his high platform, trusting in gravity to do the job. Sadly he is not as robust as he appears to believe, as the fall immediately kills the champion.

Far Cry New Dawn has been out for a couple of months now, but the glitch has been appearing since launch. It can be a bit of a letdown if you’re gearing up for a fight, but some players are perfectly fine with it, or even consider it a blessing. The champion can be difficult to defeat once he figures out how ziplines work, and you did just punch your way through three waves of enemies.

The greatest tragedy of this glitch is that the champion’s body doesn’t land into the pit, but rather onto another, lower platform. This inopportune corpse location means players can’t grab the champion’s terrifying bat for their own murderous escapades. A truly pointless death.