Facebook Mum’s Chewbacca Video Brings Joy, Millions Of Views

She's just so happy.

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We’ve seen what a full-on Star Wars collection can look like, but it’s hard to imagine even that hoard bringing as much joy as this simple Chewbacca mask does to Candace Payne.

Payne uploaded a video to Facebook in which she tries on the mask, a purchase from her local Coles, for the first time. It’s not just any Chewbacca mask but one that moves its mouth with the wearer’s and, when opened fully, lets out a mighty roar.

The video has broken records to become the most-watched Facebook Live video ever, with over 68 million views at time of writing. Toy stores are selling out of Chewbacca Electronic Masks, and attributing its popularity to Payne’s video.

Though she says her kids are going to get to play with this it’s hard to imagine them, or indeed anyone, getting as much out of it as she does.