All The Best Memes About Ever Given, Now That The Giant Boat Has Been Freed From The Suez Canal

"Yeah sex is good, but have you ever got your boat stuck in the Suez Canal and blocked 10% of the world’s trade?"

Suez Canal Ever Given memes

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In case you missed it: There’s been a giant boat stuck in the Suez Canal for about a week now.

The Ever Given container ship, at 400-metres long, caused absolute mayhem on March 23 when the boat wedged itself sideways in the narrow canal and blocked the major shipping route. Ever Given was lodged diagonally in Egypt’s Suez Canal after high winds and a dust storm knocked the shipping container off course.

According to CNBC, around 12 percent of seaborne trade travels through the Suez Canal. So this six-day blockage caused major disruption to the other transport ships who use the canal, delaying billions of dollars of goods from arriving on time each day — an estimated $400 million an hour, to be exact.

But because the massive boat is bigger than the Empire State Building on its side, it has been a real mission to try and dislodge it from the Suez Canal, which is only around 200-metres wide. In an attempt to free the container ship, tugboat rescue teams spent the week trying to wiggle the boat free. But the teams did not feel optimistic about their attempts to dislodge the “beached whale” boat, explaining that it “might take weeks” to achieve.

Thankfully though, Ever Given was finally freed last night thanks to the help of a full moon rising tides enough to dislodge the boat. But while great for trade or all the boats waiting, not everyone is happy that Ever Given is free.

In fact, the fuck-off huge boat stuck in the tiny canal had become somewhat of a collective emotional support vessel, and now people are begging for Ever Given to return to it’s lodged little home.

But if we’re being realistic, our beloved Ever Given will never be put back into the Suez Canal. In fact, I have a feeling boats as big as Ever Given will probably be banned from using the shipping route in the future after this whole “stopping world sea trade for an entire week” thing.

So, let’s take a moment to remember the wonderful week that was through all the best memes about Ever Given getting stuck in the Suez Canal:

2021 has been pretty fucked, but at least we will always have the big boat stuck in the tiny canal to look back on.