The ‘Eat The Rich’ TikTok Trend Pokes Fun At The Little Signs Of Wealth No One Ever Talks About

Eat the rich. Literally.

eat the rich tiktok

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In a year where Jeff Bezos managed to triple his net worth during a pandemic, while so many struggled to scrape by after losing their jobs, it’s really no surprise that we’re all shouting “eat the rich”.

The phrase, which was originally coined by philosopher and political theorist Jean-Jacques Rousseau in the 18th Century, has really become the battle cry of 2020, as people grow more and more fed up with the richer getting richer — especially during the age of COVID-19.

Originally “eat the rich” was tied to the French Revolution, where the Third Estate in France revolted after struggling through extreme poverty as the monarchs lived lavishly. And while Rousseau’s quip was in reference to anyone in power at the time as “the rich”, today “eat the rich” follows much of the same sentiment, but hones in more on those with extreme wealth.

In 2020, the ever-growing divide between the rich and poor echoes much of what the French went through in the 1700s, hence the sudden rise of the phrase again. However, who falls into the class of “rich” is now starting to be debated, too.

While “eat the rich” still works as a response to anything outlandish a billionaire does, people are starting to see the irony in people using the phrase when they clearly fall into the “more well-off than most” category themselves.

Now on TikTok, this idea of what signifies wealth has reached a new level through the POV: Eat The Rich trend.

Taking the phrase quite literally, people are creating TikToks where they act out actually “eating” the rich.

While feasting on the bodies of the wealthy, these hungry cannibals suddenly turn to eat those who happen to show a subtle sign of wealth that isn’t often spoken about. For example: The act of playing golf or even just having a Spotify premium account.

While it’s all just a bit of a piss-take, the trend does actually help to put class into perspective by highlighting the little things that show you’re likely way more well-off than you think.

For context, a net worth of just $93,170 will put you in the top 10 percent worldwide, and having $4,210 in your bank account makes you richer than half the world. So it really doesn’t take much, which is exactly what this trend is making light of.

Plus, the trend acts as a pretty good reality check for yourself — especially if you happen to have any decorative forks in your own home.