The Dust Storm Is On Its Way To Sydney, Though No Word Yet On Whether Things Will Turn Orange

Dude, where's my dust storm?

The Great Dust Storm of 2009.

If you’re a Weather Nerd or a huge fan of dust, you’ve probably been closely following reports that a dust storm may hit Sydney and Canberra at some point today.

Despite this actually being a sad harbinger of drought and also a respiratory hazard (if and when the dust storm arrives, people with respiratory issues should try to stay inside and avoid exercise if possible), many people are keenly awaiting the arrival of the dust because they remember the Great Dust Storm of 2009, which gave Sydney a spooky orange glow that was actually pretty cool to behold.

Since then there have been a couple of false alarms about approaching dust storms, but nothing as majestic and orange has arrived. Today may also be a false alarm, but it’s worth noting that parts of Western NSW have already copped the dust storm, and latest Bureau of Meteorology reports indicate it’s moving east.

You can even see the beginnings of the dust from Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains, and Sydney’s beginning to look pretty overcast.

Still, it’s nowhere near the spooky orange skies of 2009 — yet. As a Bureau of Meteorology forecaster told The Guardian“we might see a little pinkish glow in the sky, it might be an annoying haze, or it could be a full-on dust storm.”

We will, of course, publish all your terrible pictures of the orange haze if and when it arrives. Don’t compromise your health to get a good pic, though — you can read more about how to look after your health and safety during a dust storm here.

Feature image of the much cooler 2009 dust storm by Wilf on Flickr (used under CC BY-SA 2.0)