The Draw 25 Uno Meme Is An Extremely Funny Way To Confront Your Fears

The new blank Uno card is the most evil game update yet.

Best Draw 25 Uno Meme

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Uno is probably the best card game in history.

The main goal of the game is to be the first to get rid of all your cards. But Uno’s trick cards like skip, reverse and wild give the game a super competitive edge. However, no card is more iconic than the wild draw four. This card not only changes the colour currently being played, but also forces the next player to add four extra cards to their hand.

In the newer edition of Uno, however, Mattel has upped the anti and included four extra cards that are totally blank. While they’re technically included as replacement cards in case you lose any, you can also write your own rules on there. Whether it’s a double skip or a new rule that your friends have created, the blank cards can cause some real damage.

What Is The ‘Draw 25’ Meme?

The ‘Draw 25’ meme is a side-by-side image of one of these blank Uno cards and a man with a hefty hand of cards. On the blank card, a choice between a call to action or drawing 25 cards from the deck is given. The images together paint the picture that the person would rather do anything but what the card asks for.

The original meme was made by Damien Jones, a random guy on Facebook. His post was comprised of two photos from an Uno game he was having with friends, and was so relatable that it was shared almost 200,000 times.

In the first photo, Damien held a card that read: “Call/text your recent ex OR draw 25”. The second photo featured a friend holding those 25 cards implying that chose to not get in contact with his ex. Damian captioned the Facebook post: “Say no more.”

After Damien’s post was shared on Twitter, people started replicating the meme. Some chose to leave the meme as it was, only replacing the call to action with other highly relatable sitautions.

‘You’re being disrespectful’ from r/dankmemes

And others decided to edit the meme, photoshopping people, characters and animals into the scene. Some even chose to take the “draw 25” meme to the next level by making the character to pick up the entire deck instead.

Never gonna let you down from r/memes