This Video Of A Drag Queen Lip Syncing To Wii Music Will End Homophobia Forever

Wii simply have to stan.

Drag queen Sherry Poppins lip syncs to Wii music

We may be two console cycles past the Wii, but long casts the shadow of Nintendo’s best selling home console. Your grandparents played Wii Sport; the world watched thousands of people break their TVs when they didn’t attach their wrist-straps; and it introduced motion control to mainstream games, sparking a rise of ‘casual gaming’. But nothing can beat the Wii interface’s muzak, an irritatingly catchy mix of bleeps, bloops and jazz-lines.

Over the past few years, the Wii’s music (not to be confused with Wii Music, the game) has become something of a meme: last year, the #WiiChallenge took off, where people dance to the Mii and Wii Shop channel’s tracks. Some of the results were pretty stunning, as the music’s pauses allow for popping and locking the likes of that one character from High School Musical.

But now, a new contender arrives: enter Brooklyn drag queen Sherry Poppins, who has performed an objectively masterful lip sync to the wordless song you’d hear while not-so-patiently searching through the very slow Wii Shop Channel. After DJ and writer Eric Shorley tweeted his own amazement at catching the performance live, his video did the rounds — but we need everyone in the God-damn world to see it.

As RuPaul’s Drag Race royalty Alexis Mateo would say, “wow. This is Broadway.” Watch the talent jump out below, follow Sherry on Instagram and check her out if you’re ever in Brooklyn at her monthly show STR8 TO DVD.